Church Security Training


Church Security Training

Bethel Defense is a God “breathed” company whose purpose is to protect and train others to protect, His people. We are the Specialists in Church Safety and School Safety Resources with over 30 years of combined experience in working with schools, non-profits, and church organizations.

Threats against our churches are real and are realized throughout this country all too often. Many churches have formed security teams to protect their congregations and deal with the unruly. Many more would like to but just do not know where to begin.

We understand how difficult it is for some to be Christ-like when faced with unruly, or even deadly, situations. We equip you with a professional and Godly perspective that aids you in dealing with the most difficult of people.

At Bethel Defense, our Church Security Training courses, mindset and processes utilize the latest techniques in the field of psychology and behavioral to use as tools, while being led the Holy Spirit.

We also provide a free Safety and Security Assessment for churches and private schools in Central & South Florida.

All of our training (Church Security Training, Firearms Training and Defense Training) is available in packages or individual courses. We are more than happy to customize a training course to suit the needs and budget of your church, school, synagogue, or organization.

To find out more about Bethel Defense’s training packages and courses, contact us today.

“In a deadly confrontation, you do not rise to the occasion, you sink to the level of your training.” ~ Lt. Col. Dave Grossman